Our wholesale operation includes many great products from lots of manufactures. We are here to help supply you and assist you with everything that is necessary to run a successful operation.
Our inventory includes: 500 gram, 200 gram, Reloadable shells, Firecrackers, Family packs, Smoke, Roman candles, Fountains, Novelties, Spinners, Sparklers and Wing items at a great price.
Brands we carry:
Power Source, Pyro’s Pride, Supreme, Hot, Pyro Star, red Apple, Brothers, Showtime and Legend, with more to come.
We cover: Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas and Nebraska.
For your convenience you can place your order by phone or by E-mail . You can have your order delivered or pick it up at our location at your convenience. You also have the option to be restocked with the items you need during the Fourth of July season, if the product is available in the warehouse.
Kapow Fireworks  has available to our wholesale customers some great marketing and promotional items available for you to take advantage of for promoting your location and increasing your sales.
 Give us a call or e-mail us to discuss how Kapow Fireworks can help you with all of your fireworks needs and questions!