Are you looking for fund-raising opportunities? Maybe you are thinking that it may be time to trying something new. Ask how Kapow Fireworks can help you stand out from the rest of the fund-raising groups.
We have the experience and the staff to make your fund-raising event fun and profitable. Kapow Fireworks will work right along side you the whole time to make your fund-Raising event the best it can be .
So if you are Raising funds for your:
 * Sports Team
* Youth Organization
* Church
* School
* Or just as a family
Ask how kapow Fireworks can help
States we cover:
 * Kansas
* Nebraska
We provide our stand operators with many of the items you will need to operate your stand:
 * Tents
* Cash Register
* Product
* Signage
* Credit Card Reader
Brands we carry:
 * Brothers
* Showtime
* Power Source
* Legends
* Pyro’s Pride
* Supreme
* The Gangster brand
* Black Cat
Please give us a call or E-mail us with any questions on how Kapow Fireworks can help with making your fund-raising successful.