For years, Kapow Fireworks has provided high quality firework displays across the state of Kansas. We contract shows annually and service a wide range of public and private events including county fairs, festivals, baseball games, weddings, baby gender reveals, and 4th of July celebrations.

As you plan your celebrations, we ask that you consider Kapow Fireworks for your needs. We are a locally owned and operated company from Inman, Kansas, and have over 25 years of continued experience in the fireworks industry. Our products are hand selected especially for you to guarantee an unforgettable show.

We offer two entertainment solutions to choose from: full service turnkey shows and wholesale builds.

Turnkey options range from simple hand lit displays to electronically scripted computer generated shows paired to music.

Wholesale builds allow licensed pyrotechnicians to shoot the display independently.


If you’re looking to add that “wow!” factor to your show, we recommend:

-Itallian style shells
-Japanese style shells
-Spanish shells (made in in Spain )
-Large rockets
-Girandola (UFO)
-Flame pots
-Water cakes (for shows being shot on water)


We also carry:
-Fiberglass Mortars

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